Sunday Dec. 9th - Marquee @ Sunshine

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Sunday Dec. 9th - Marquee @ Sunshine

Postby GPuto » Fri Dec 06, 2002 1:59 am

To All,

We will be running the December Marquee at Sunshine on Sunday December 9th 12:30 pm, since the Dolphins play on Monday.

Sunshine Roleplayers 7921 Bird Road #44 Miami Florida (305)264-1250

Date / Time:
***** Sunday December 9th 4:00 pm ******

Here's the scenario:

Kal Radick has surreptitiously sent out many of his warriors in an effort to begin rounding up small Wolf enclaves in the Republic and bending them to his command. The Republic of the Sphere becomes aware of this activity and sends a Knight, Mason Dunne, to investigate just such a situation on the planet Sheratan. Daneel Wolf, who is already in the process of taking over the Wolf enclave there, does not even attempt to deceive the Knight about his intentions—and combat immediately breaks out.

Each side is attempting to destroy the other.

Army Size: 300 point battle forces; 3 actions per turn.

Rules Set: MechWarrior: Dark Age

Time Limit: 60 minutes

Preparing the Battlefield
Player 1 is the Steel Wolves player. Player 1’s battle force must include at least 1 Steel Wolves unit. Player 2 is representing the Republic. Player 2’s battle force may include units from any Faction. Players may place terrain as per the standard MechWarrior: Dark Age rules.

Special Rules

Victory Conditions
Use standard MechWarrior: Dark Age victory conditions.

Battlefield Map:
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Time of game

Postby DocJRS » Fri Dec 06, 2002 12:48 pm


Joel has a Yu - Gi - Oh tourney Sunday afternoon, and he's suggesting 4 - 4:30 as a better time to start. Is this OK?

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I guess.....

Postby GPuto » Fri Dec 06, 2002 3:33 pm

John and Joel,

We typically see 4-6 players only, meaning we'll not likely need more than 1 table, perhaps 1 1/2. However, even though it's more difficult for me to make later times, I will make an exception this once.

In the future, however, if we post a start time of noon on the main Wizkids website, I think we should stick to it. Also, I will be unable to attend any future events starting at 4pm-5pm.

I have edited the above post to reflect the new start time.

See you at 4pm,

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