Campaign week 2, Sun. 10th Nov.

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Campaign week 2, Sun. 10th Nov.

Postby DocJRS » Thu Nov 07, 2002 11:13 am

Here's the scenario for this Sunday, start time 12 noon at Sunshine RP.

According to their custom, Nova Cat warriors seek visions in flames, of signs and portents that will lead them to further victories. Following the battle for Sapporo, Rikkard Nova Cat determines that he must journey to the continent of Sendai, into the heart of Ozawa’s radioactive hot zones. A Raiders force follows and a fast and dangerous battle ensues. Because of the harsh environment of the nuclear wasteland, the crews of damaged Mechs and vehicles risk exposure to deadly radiation.

Objective: Each player is attempting to eliminate the other.

Army Size: 2-player game. 300-point battleforces, 3 orders per turn.

Time Limit: 60 minutes

Preparing the Battlefield
Players set up the terrain per the battlefield map. No additional terrain is placed. The Spirit Cat player is Player 2.

Special Rules
1) Victory Condition 3 does not apply.
2) At the end of Player 2’s turn, give a click of damage to any ’Mech or vehicle which is Salvage or has a repair marker showing on its dial. This damage cannot be prevented by any means. Infantry do not take this additional damage.

Victory Conditions
Score victory points as per the standard rules except neither player accumulates points for Victory Condition 3.

Battlefield Map: Completely blank... No terrain will be placed.

Roll the dice. I want to see if I eat your spleen.

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