Breakaways and Captives...

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Breakaways and Captives...

Postby GPuto » Tue Nov 05, 2002 1:16 am

To All,

During this Sunday's game we had an issue come up with Jump Jets and break aways, and I guess we all missed the rule (even though it was ruled correctly by James... Way to go! :D )

This unit can ignore all terrain and unit bases while moving. (Optional) This unit may not run. This unit may move through figure bases and blocking terrain, though it may not end its move in blocking terrain. This unit's movement is not affected by hindering terrain or low walls and it does not end its move when entering or exiting elevated terrain. This unit only fails to break away from opposing units on a roll of 1. If this unit is a 'Mech, it may attempt a death from above attack. A controlling unit can not use Jump Jets.

This is the key point!
"A controlling unit can not use Jump Jets"

Easy enough for the future.

Thanks James, for being on top of things!
BattleMaster NoDal

p.s. How did the final end?

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Moderately Challenged
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My life....

Postby DocJRS » Tue Nov 05, 2002 10:52 am

... Thanks for digging that out Jerry!

As for the final, it went pretty much the same way as the game against you. There's no way I could cope with the number of infantry, particularly when Robert only missed two command rolls all game. The only try I could have had went bad when the Mining Mech shutdown within charge range of the Madcat, so I couldn't even damage that.

Roll the dice. I want to see if I eat your spleen.

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