Official Ruling - Deep Water.

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Official Ruling - Deep Water.

Postby GPuto » Sat Nov 02, 2002 12:10 am

Trying to pass along the info...

Here it is:
Hi gang,
The MWDA developer asked me to pass this along to you:

We would really like to thank everyone who participated in last
week's poll. All of the feedback was top notch. We consider every suggestion seriously and decided that we will simply disallow deep water in tournament play. Other ideas, while creative, added additional complexity to the core rules or required extra record keeping. Neither of these solutions is acceptable. Thanks, again, for all of your feedback.

Matt Robinson
Game Designer, WizKids LLC

Not my first choice but I can see where they tought it would just be easier on everyone. (Players and WizKids Alike!)

Hope this helps,
BattleMaster NoDal

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