We definitely should have a conquest tourney...

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We definitely should have a conquest tourney...

Postby Cabadie » Thu Oct 31, 2002 3:38 pm

...even if we have only two or three players if they sent or will send the conquest LE's It would really rock to have one of those figures!
By the way I really want to win the november campaign LE winner prize the Solonavi Solvais-just cant decide which army to use-
Old faithful
Dwarven Hammerskald-97
Amazon Queen-77
Leech Medic(t)-14
Elven recruit or goblin volunteer(7)
(imp and other scrub act as shields for the big boys-Hammerskald usually my best chance to win)
new big boy
Draconum Guardian-109
Longbow Archer(T)-22
FAith Healer(S)-20
Standard Bearer(S) 13
Temple Blademaster(T)36

any input on which should get the call-I thinkt he first army has better chance to won, but second is truer to the scenario(all 200 points KI) and has the new uniquer I want to try. Tough call! :o

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