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Crimson Skies Playtest

Postby chainsaw_derelct » Mon May 19, 2003 8:22 am

Got an opportunity to pick up the initial installment of the Crimson Skies figures this weekend and actually got the opportunity to go head-to-head with my little brother.

Hollywood Knights featured:
Glamour Boy

Broadway Bombers featured:
Money Man
Market Maker

The dogfight began with Glamour boy splitting off from the formation of the Hollywood Knights, as the Broadway bombers kept a tight formation and cruised across the table towards the much faster approaching foe.

The fight began in earnest, as Glamour Boy shot through the formation both literally and figuratively. The Broadway Bombers, unphased kept their tight formation and circled up behind the slower moving Firebrands of Brany & Wrong-Way. They quickly set about to exchanging rounds as the Broadway Bombers peeled off from behind the Hollywood Knight's formation.

As the two groups circled around, some mis-calculations on the part of the Broadway Bombers brought them to within a hair's width of becoming mid-air scrap metal, as they deftly avoid colliding with the closing formation of Hollywood Knights. The next exchange of hot metal came at near point blank range as the two groups charged head-long at each other. Glamour Boy chasing along behind the formation of Broadway Bombers as they continued to dog poor Wrong-Way. Brandy sputtered off from the dog-fight as the last exchange meant her rear guns were jammed and she'd lost the deadly forward firing rockets that she'd put to great use against the Broadway Bombers.

The next exchange between the two groups was enough to send Wrong-Way bailing out of his battered Firebrand, and put Money Maker in almost the same position. The two groups veered off and vowed to fight again another day.
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