TONS of White Wolf books for sale, 50-75% off original price

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Postby Jarad » Thu Dec 27, 2001 4:02 pm

Hey all-

I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I thought some of the people who frequent this board might be interested... My apologies in advance if I'm making a faux pas here.
Anyway, I'm moving, so I'm selling my entire White Wolf collection, comprising most of the books they put out between 1992 and the present (Including some rare 1st Edition books)- both gaming books and novels, all very hard to find. Email me at with specific requests or for a list, or call me at 305-819-3176.
I'll also be at the U of M LARP on Saturday, Jan. 5 around 10 pm, if you want to swing by and check out my stuff. I've got about six boxes full of books, and it's all going dirt cheap. If you're a White Wolf fan, this is your golden opportunity!
There's also some non-White Wolf stuff in there... Some CLASSIC 1st Edition D&D books (Original Monster Manual, Player's and DM's Guide, Immortals Set, etc), Fading Suns RPG, Champions... In addition, there's a crapload of fantasy and sci-fi novels on the block... Things like that. I'll post the complete list on here some time in the future (Sorry, but I'm leaving for a trip tomorrow, and like I said, there's A LOT. It's going to take a while to catalogue all of it).
Hope to hear from all you RPG fans in the near future. Semper fi!

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