Mage Knight trade for Mech Warrior Or Cash!

Like the name says. Buying, Selling and Trading happens in here.
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Mage Knight trade for Mech Warrior Or Cash!

Postby GPuto » Mon Oct 07, 2002 1:50 pm

Hi All,

I have decided to let go of most of Mage Knight Collection to fuel my latest passion, Mech Warrior.

I am willing to trade MK commons and uniques for Mech Warrior (common and uniques. I'd even be willing to trade an MK unique for a few Elite or Veteran Tanks/Mechs). I am mostly interest in the Dragon's Fury faction, but any good offers will be considered.

If you have a specific Unique or group of commons (Like troll arties or blade golems) that you are interested in, let me know. I have too large a collection to post here :) (Also, I will be keeping some figures that hold sentimental value! :wink: )

You can either Post Offers / wants here or PM me.

Warlord NoDal.

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