Winter Fantasy2005 Hunt for the Jedi Killer!! SPECIAL EVENT

All the other campaigns crammed into one.
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Winter Fantasy2005 Hunt for the Jedi Killer!! SPECIAL EVENT

Postby MorganWolf » Mon Jan 31, 2005 1:29 am

To start off with, it was the most challenging module to date for me and I have to say that it was also one of my best moments for Rip-Taren, Jedi Guardian 10 to accomplish, I kept Ramons character totally protected and performed feats of daring even I didn't think possible, just ask PJ. We pulled off an ALL-NIGHTER on this one and I'm not kidding. Peter, Ramon and myself participated in this grand event totaling the amount of LF heroes to a party of 12 Anti-Jedi Killer hunters. A post will go on soon about this and I'm really excited about it because we accomplished a great feat of heroism because we went in it for NO Credits or XP for any of us and the factor of death was INTENSE!!!! I will tell you this much the amount of LF certs and credits spent that were burned in that event was impressive!!!

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Postby Ozymandius » Mon Jan 31, 2005 4:09 pm

Yeah, I gotta give Ralph, The Godfather of DnD in Miami, his props for that game. Ramon was shitting his pants every other minute or so, and a couple of us had a betting pool going to see who would die first.
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Postby MorganWolf » Mon Feb 07, 2005 11:54 am

-----Original Message-----
From: August Hahn [mailto:rookhaven@i...]
Sent: Friday, February 04, 2005 6:21 PM
Subject: [RPGA-LivingForce] Campaign Announcement: Jedi Killer

The Jedi Killer has been destroyed in the industrial sector of Hedrett.
The Republic has removed all pieces of the Jedi Killer, now properly
identified as a cyborg, and its weaponry in the interests of galactic
security. No heroes were slain during the battle to destroy the Jedi
Killer, though grave injuries did occur.

Any firther details will have to come in game from those involved in the



"A Jedi's point of view"

Rip-Taren "WOOKIE Jedi Guardian(10)" looked in amazement at the massive
doors blocking the entrance into Hedrett, He stood there with 11 others all
facing the same doorway. He thought to himself the level of technology
required to construct these doors yet he thought that maybe this could not
even withstand the JEDI KILLER. Tales were told of its efficient deadliness
in destroying JEDI, we all had heard about its slick surface to resist
bonding agents and of it's multiple weapons of death employed to kill
whatever got in its way including the all so deadly SongSteel weapon reputed
to carry poison on its surface, surely no sleeping agent of any sort.
Rip had brought along 2 of his friends, both reformed criminals now turned
JEDI, one was to be their spotter, the other using previous sharpshooting
skills that looked at JEDI the way the JEDI KILLER plans to scope us out
from afar. The sharpshooter was in his serious mood recalling past
professional contracts to use in hunting the hunter of JEDI, the other one
was nervous beyond words-sweaty palms ,shaking , and asking himself " why am
I here", "Can I do this?". Rip had much confidence in his friend, he knew
that the spotter was the one intregal piece to solving this JEDI HUNTER
being found and promised him that he would protect him at all cost. The
others around them were JEDI unknown to him along with soldiers, Militia,
and most likely Force adepts or scouts who came for similar reasons.
Then the doors opened before us but I was to let out medical convoys that
contained the remnants of clone troopers and I do mean remnants-parts of
armor and parts of other things like arms that needed to stay connected. We
were given some time to collect our thoughts and coordinate efforts between
our various skills and Force powers, It was then that an officer brought
some Anti-JEDI killer devices to use against the enemy, the items were
distributed among those of us that could use them most effectively.
Rip-Taren had gotten a hold of anti-slick grenades for use against the
reported Droid who is massacaring the JEDI.
Some of us had speeder bikes for use in quick pursuit or tactical
situations, we all linked our Com-links to the same channel and set up to
enter the compound. We were told that only 1 chance would be given for those
who wished to retreat but would be branded cowards and be considered unfit
to ever be called HERO!!!!. We were also told that if we failed that
Thousands would die and the city reduced to a crater from the nuke stationed
above the city in orbit as to prevent the spread of its evil to other
At that moment I knew that nothing less than my death would prevent me from
trying to stop it from harming another again. The stillness was broken by
the whine of speeder engines flaring to life and the group shouting out
orders to each other to enter the expanse of the city. The journey was then
begun and communication between the group was commencing as the static of
com-link chatter was evident, as I scanned the horizon for trouble, I couldn
't see any danger around and how mistaken I was because our spotter found
about 3 proximty mines which would for sure have blown up at least half our
group, I was grateful to have convinced my friend to come along to root out
any traps for us. Hours into the city we found evidence of major firefights
mostly one-sided, it seems that clone troopers do have a weakness and fall
easily to the JEDI killer. As we were approaching a central section of the
city, the front speeder jerked violently as it was sliced in TWO!!! From
some type of mono-filament wire that cut the speeder to pieces luckily the
pilot twisted and jumped as the speeder was demolished and sliced only some
tendoms in his leg, the next 2 speeders which contained myself and my
friends tried to stop but too no avail as our speeders suffered the same
fate yet we escaped any major artery hits from the wire. The rest were able
to stop successfully.
We began to pan out to other areas carefully when suddenly a snap was heard
from the wire as it was drawn back taunt into a cylinder that held one side
of it, when it retracted into the cylinder- a sound was heard and then a
click followed by an explosion that slightly hurt a couple of people that
were nearby. We knew at that point that the killer had been busy planting
bombs to incapacitate or kill whoever sought it and who knew what other
surprises this devious creature had in mind for us all. Rip-Taren gathered
his 2 friends and we headed to a nearby building to climb on top for recon.
When we arrived and were startingto climb, all of a sudden the wall gave way
as blaster-fire shot thru and hit our spotter almost dead-on and he dropped
to the ground, the rest of us were grazed from the attack, except for Rip
who was hit head-on but calling on the power of the force took in that
energy and fully healed himself from his earlier situation.. As the droids
fired blast after blast, Rip seemed to surge heroically picking up the
spotter and then rushing around a corner of the building and use his Force
powers to stabilize and heal the spotter and calling out thru the com-link
for a "Medic, Medic". As the driod was being occupied by the others Rip saw
our Medic approach and heal the spotter, he thought for a moment how funny
it seemed as this healer had stockpiled Med-Pac's and had 2 Medical droids
tied to her speeder for fast access to patients. Once the med-pac had done
its job the spotter was conscious and we both ascended the building with
ascension guns. On the roof our other friend had already positioned himself
on the other side of the building with one of the weapons provided for us to
terminate this abomination. At this time our spotter began a rooftop search
of our surroundings. In a moment, a glint of metal and what seemed to be a
vapor trail caught his eye and he knew that he was targeted for
extermination, he had moments to react and leaped from the roof to the
streets below, unfortunately he had not counted on the missile targeting his
scanning equipment but it was too late he realized and cursed himself for
not having thought of that.
Everyone seemed to freeze in place as the missile streaked towards the main
section of our group, Rip-Taren reacted with lightning speed somehow and
called upon the Force to aid him in preventing the cowardly attack from
occurring. He called forth with great effort the ability to manipulate
matter and gripped the missile with will alone and directed it towards an
abandoned building that took the hit without question. He and the others
were estatic that the missile did not hit because it might have killed half
the group at that point, the spotter for sure from being recently wounded
earlier, he was fulfilling his promise. Chaos erupted as anyone calling upon
the force took an internal shock to their bodies causing pain and a strain
to their internal organs, there was a individual who was a militia leader of
sorts who used a jet-pack who flew to Rip and carried him to a location down
on the street with a couple of others who had an intact speeder bike. The
situation became worse when the jet-pack individual found what seemed to be
Dark Side object and spirited it away and as soon as he left; the middle
building came down creating a amazing dust-cloud that almost covered the
entire area for a couple of blocks, also at the same time a squelch came
from our com-links cutting everyone off from each other effectively.
Everyone was defensive for the time-being until the militia leader arrived
saw the dust cloud and deceided to land on a roof, without knowing it, the
jet-pack laden person landed right on top of the JEDI KILLER!! Who stabbed
him and almost made him pass out, as he felt the poison surging thru his
veins- The militia leader gunned his jet-pack to full speed downwards taking
the JEDI KILLER with him to take the brunt of the blow. All we heard was a
crash and then an explosion.
Rip-Taren called upon the Force to give him tremendous speed and rushed
into the fray towards the sound , but it seems the Force had other plans
for this Wookie as a pit was revealed and he fell into it almost killing
himself. As the battle raged against the JEDI-KILLER, Rip-Taren managed to
hit on-target after several trys and pull himself up, But by then the JEDI
KILLER was defeated.
What seemed curious to him is the fact that no-one had approached the JEDI
KILLER and the Republic seemed interested in coveting the thing then trying
to reveal its origin.

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