LIVING FORCE Campaign Game Notes!!!!

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LIVING FORCE Campaign Game Notes!!!!

Postby MorganWolf » Tue Nov 02, 2004 10:29 am

Living Force Game Notes
Effective immediately, owners of certed starships can purchase the following modifications. These do not need to be approved through the Shipyard; they are simply purchased at the beginning of a scenario and noted on the Log Sheet entry for that adventure. The modification(s) are available for use during the scenario in which they are purchased and permanently thereafter.

All transports may purchase:

Fighter Docking Cradle (15,000 credits): This modification allows a space transport to carry one starfighter of one size category or ore smaller than the transport itself. A carried fighter must be powered down and cannot be used in any way while in the cradle, but the modification includes a life-support equipped passage for the fighter's crew to move between the vehicles as a full-round action.
Automation (10,000 credits): This modification can only be purchased once and reduces the number of crew the transport requires by one, to a minimum of one. Automation offers no bonuses to any ship function; it simply allows a smaller crew to operate the vessel.
All starfighters may purchase:

Hyperdrive (30,000 credits): If a starfighter does not have a hyperdrive, one can be fitted to it as a separate (but permanently affixed) sled in the same manner as a cloakshape fighter's optional modification. This hyperdrive has the same operational statistics as that device, offering a 1.5x multiple.
Droid Link (50,000 credits): This is a major refit and can be purchased only if a hero owns a certed starfighter and a certed astromech droid. This modification allows a starfighter to benefit from an astromech droid in the same manner as an X-wing fighter or similar vessel. The modified starfighter cannot already have a linked droid before purchasing this refit.
In addition, all certed starship owners must pay 5,000 credits at the start of their next scenario, or their vessel will be unavailable for use during the adventure. This is a one-time-only fee and is the result of Thaereian blockades raising the prices of all vehicular-related industries such as refueling, maintenance, and other facets of starship ownership. Joh's Shipyard and the Cularin Transit Authority apologize for any inconvenience.

Secret Benefactor Web Cert
Effective immediately, the heroes of Cularin have an unknown benefactor working in their best interests. Until the end of 2004, any hero adds a +1 circumstance bonus to any skill checks or die rolls needed for utilizing Noble resources or Scoundrel illicit barter, or for making Craft and Profession checks for credits at the beginning of adventures. Invoking this bonus requires that this web page be presented as a printed document if the Judge asks for such documentation.

Also, any heroes with the cert entitled "Hunted by the Thaereian Military" may immediately discard it, void it, or destroy it as they wish. The heroes will have no idea why they no longer suffer the effects of the certificate; they simply seem to be out from under Thaereian scrutiny. Only this specific cert is negated; all other negative effects involving the Thaereian Navy remain in effect for now.

Living Force Game Notes
Effective immediately, all Force Adepts of any race (and only Force Adepts) with 1 or fewer unatoned Dark Side points feel a tremendous amount of power available to them while on Cularin or one of its moons. During any adventure that takes place on Cularin, Tilnes, or Rennokk, qualifying Force Adepts gain a +1 bonus on all Force skill checks and all attack and damage rolls made with the hero's Force weapon. This bonus doubles to +2 for Tarasin Force Adepts. This is considered a circumstance bonus and stacks with any bonus of any other kind.

Upon reaching 8th level, qualifying Force Adepts also may imbue their Force talisman for free instead of expending the Force Point normally needed to do so. If a Force Adept character has already imbued a Force talisman, the Force Point expended returns automatically at the beginning of his or her first adventure involving Cularin or one of its moons after this announcement. Such an event should be noted on the hero's log sheet.

Tarasin Force Adepts will know the source of this great energy but will be asked by their irstat to keep it a secret. Violating this trust, even with honored guests of the Tarasin or close friends (including any other non-Tarasin heroes), is grounds for gaining a Dark Side Point during the adventure in which the secret is revealed. This announcement counts as the only warming that needs to be issued for this offense.

The bonus applies to any adventure played after this announcement's initial date of posting on the Living Force website and lasts until its official retraction in a future web article. This web article should be printed and used as documented proof of the bonus if it is to be used during play by any hero. Judges do not have to allow the bonus in play if a hero cannot produce such documentation.

Effective immediately, all Jedi characters with certed mentors must make a d20 roll before each adventure they play. The first time they roll, a result of 1 indicates that the Clone Wars have tragically claimed the life of their friend and teacher. Each adventure thereafter, the number increases by one. Any roll of that number or less indicates the same fate. A violent time has befallen the Jedi, one that will claim many victims in the upcoming months.

Any Jedi that loses his or her mentor this way is welcome to record that Jedi's final moments and share them with the campaign through the Almas Wall of Remembrance. Post these memorials on the Wall of Remembrance thread of the Living Force message boards. These posts are the final testament for heroes that have served the Order and their fellow Jedi faithfully. Writing skill is not a factor, but respect for the setting and nature of the project is crucial.

Living Force Game Notes
Effective immediately, the Cularin system is under a state of military emergency. The Thaerean Navy has reinforced their positions around the system in accordance with their Republic Charter in response to the recent attempts on the Senator's life. This has made life difficult on the Militia; numerous small clashes have led to losses on both sides. As a result of these ongoing encounters, all heroes of 3rd level or higher with membership in the Cularin Militia begin each adventure down by 1d6 Vitality points and 1 Wound point.

Governor Chistor and the Cularin government, in an effort to make things easier and safer for its citizens, have begun passing small amendments to system law. These have so far made it past the notice of the Thaereans, but they could be repealed without notice if a grievance is filed with the Republic, as they are quasi-legal at best.

In summary, heroes may now:

*Add a +2 circumstance modifier to Gather Information and Diplomacy checks when dealing with the OPS or the government of Cularin itself.
*Add a +3 circumstance bonus to Forgery checks made on their behalf by the GM when an OPS officer checks a forged permit of theirs. This simulates the fact that OPS officers have been asked not to be too careful.
*Purchase heavy blaster pistols and blaster rifles through known but not technically legal venues. Heroes still need to obtain permits through normal channels. Because these vendors won't sell to anyone they don't recognize, only heroes of 3rd level or higher can buy the weapons.

To obtain any of the preceding benefits during an adventure, a player must have a copy of this website page ... lf20040722
printed and available for review by the GM. This is effectively a "certed" ability, with the printout acting as the certificate in question.

Living Force Game Notes
Effective immediately, the Jedi Weapon Master prestige class from the Power of the Jedi Sourcebook is provisionally open to players in the Living Force campaign. Players interested in taking levels in Jedi Weapon Master must contact Master Devan for inclusion in the limited size class forming at the Almas Academy. Email us for more information.

Also, Tech Specialist heroes with the ability to make mastercraft melee weapons may upgrade a single songsteel sword to mastercraft status (+1 damage) for a cost of 500 credits. The incredible difficulty of working with songsteel keeps it from being upgraded further or customized at this time.

This process requires the actual certificate of the weapon itself and a note in the Tech Specialist's 2004 log sheet to the effect of spending the 500 credits. At the Tech Specialist's next played adventure, his or her GM must initial the notation after the session has been played. At that time, the weapon is considered upgraded.

Living Force Game Notes
Effective immediately, the following prestige classes are available for use from the Hero’s Guide: loyal bodyguard, infiltrator, and a modified version of the master spy.

The master spy available for Living Force is not associated with any given spy organization but instead refers to someone extremely capable in the field of espionage and information gathering. Instead of the class’s usual prerequisites, a hero needs:

*8+ ranks in Disguise, Gather Information, and Bluff
*The Skill Emphasis feat for one of the three skills (hero’s choice)
*To be able to speak and read at least two languages in addition to the ones he or she began play with for free.

The Living Force version of the master spy class gains a bonus feat of the hero’s choice at 4th level instead of the False Loyalty feature. All other class details remain the same.

Living Force Game Notes
Effective immediately, Living Force heroes may now purchase any Merr-Sonn weapon listed in the Arms & Equipment Guide except the Underslung Rotary Blaster Carbine and the Merr-Sonn model MSD-32 disrupter pistol (which does not exist at the time of the Living Force campaign).

Nobles and scoundrels may use their class abilities to petition for an Underslung Rotary Blaster Carbine through the normal channels, but these requests are not guaranteed to be fulfilled, as they will be processed on a first come, first served basis. OPS has a limited number of these weapons in stock and are not likely to give them out without a good reason.

Membership in the Cularin Militia entitles heroes to a 10 percent discount on the purchase of any Merr-Sonn weapon listed above, assuming it can be purchased at all.

The OPS will issue a permit for the purchased Merr-Sonn weapon for an additional 150 credits, which must be spent at the same time the weapon is acquired. Weapons will not be sold without a permit, and permits are only valid in the Cularin system within OPS jurisdiction. No legal power is ascribed to these permits on behalf of the Thaerean Navy, nor should any be implied. Heroes wishing to obtain a Merr-Sonn weapon from the Arms & Equipment Guide must purchase it (and its corresponding permit) as noted here. Character features such as Favors or Illicit Barter will not allow players to obtain anything from this extremely limited supply.

Living Force Campaign Game Notes
Effective immediately, Living Force heroes who meet the prerequisites for the Martial Arts feats in the Hero's Guide sourcebook may study with the Five Masters on Cularin and purchase those feats as normal. This announcement makes all Martial Arts feats in the Hero's Guide legal for use in the Living Force campaign.

In particular:

*Echani, Echani Expertise, and Echani Mastery are now taught by the Master in White -- a pale-skinned, male near-human of undisclosed race.
*K'tara, K'tara Expertise, and K'tara Mastery are taught by the Master in Red -- a Cerean male.
*K'thri, K'thri Expertise, and K'thri Mastery are taught by the Master in Violet -- a Zabrak female.
*Stava, Stava Expertise, and Stava Mastery are taught by the Master in Black -- a strange humanoid kept concealed by his/her clothing at all times.
*Wrruushi, Wrruushi Expertise, and Wrruushi Mastery are taught by the Master in Green -- a Wookiee male.

Living Force Campaign Game Notes
Beginning in April 2004, Jedi and ex-Jedi characters in the Living Force campaign may encounter a hunting force during certain adventures. These encounters are part of the galactic plotline unfolding around Cularin and the galaxy at large. They may or may not be tiered encounters and could easily result in the death of the unwary.

Almas has issued orders for all Jedi under their control to act cautiously and be careful at all times, but to proceed with their duties as normal. Jedi should not under any circumstances engage these hostile forces and should seek escape back to Almas as quickly as possible. Special investigators have been dispatched from the Academy to look into the disappearance of several Jedi in recent weeks, and any information gained by citizens of Cularin, Jedi and non-Jedi alike, would be greatly appreciated.

Living Force Campaign Game Notes
As of the end of March, there will be no further Force Apprentices given out by the Living Force campaign staff. Young beings in the Cularin system with talent in the Force will simply not be available for recruitment. They begin vanishing a few at a time from wherever they live, and none of their friends or family is alarmed by their disappearance. Heroes with connections in the Hiironi irstat have been cautioned not to inquire after these "younglings" or look for them at this time.

"They are the future, and they must be protected from the eye of the storm."

Living Force Game Effects
Effective March 2004, no further Jedi Mentors will be given out to 3rd-level Jedi heroes. The events of the Clone Wars have made them unavailable, as most are either fighting among the stars or too busy educating multiple students to have enough time for the problems of any single Padawan.

While this is a loss to the Jedi of Cularin, it does open up new possibilities for the future. The prestige class Jedi Master is now open to players. The prerequisite of having a Padawan learner or 13 levels in Jedi classes is waived, but all other prerequisites must be met before a player can take the class. Additional responsibilities may be asked of Jedi Masters; these will be detailed in future adventures and/or special events.

Campaign Update

As many of you will know, the D&D Player Rewards program awards members with Campaign Cards and other items usable in D&D Campaigns. These rewards are also adaptable for Living campaigns.

At the present, Living Force is allowing players to use some Campaign Cards from the first two sets and also the fist of Emirikol -- or as we here in Living Force like to think of it, "The Big Plastic Die o’ Doom." The latter works along with a cert called, wild Force shard. Unlike the fist, since the Force has both light and dark sides, the shard can have beneficial, negative, and complicating effects.

Campaign Cards
The following four cards are now usable in Living Force using the rules variants mentioned below. A player may only use one card per adventure for every two character levels (rounded up) and only one instance of each card may be used. For example, a 3rd-level tech specialist may have two cards. Only one of those cards may (and likely will, if the player possesses it) be I Have That!

Card Set 1:

Wink and a Smile: Card 8 of 10
Prerequisite: Cha 10+.
Once per adventure round, gain a +4 circumstance bonus to a single Bluff, Entertain, or Diplomacy Check. This may not be used when making Income rolls using Entertain.

I Have That!: Card 9 of 10
Once per adventure round, gain a single item listed on Table 7-4: Equipment in the Star Wars Roleplaying Game Revised Core Rulebook, worth no more than 200 credits, and weighing no more than 2 kg. The hero must spend a move action to retrieve the item.

The possible items are: all temperature cloak, 1 liter bacta, blank credit chip, blank data card for datapad, energy cell, fusion lantern, glow rod, grappling spike launcher, liquid cable dispenser, medical kit, medpac, power pack, breath mask, comlink, mastercrafted medpac (+1).

Hero's Strike: Card 10 of 10
Once per adventure round, gain a +2 morale bonus to a single attack roll. In Living Force, this use must be declared before the die is rolled.

Card Set 2:

Let's Try That Again: Card 8 of 10
Once per adventure, reroll a single, failed skill check. Use the second roll even if the result is less desirable.

Wild Force Shard
Some heroes may acquire a wild Force shard in the performance of a mission. This shard resonates with the Force and these harmonics can occasionally produce powerful effects. These effects are sometimes helpful, sometimes harmful, and sometimes simply . . . interesting.

Game Use: If a player’s hero has the certificate for a wild Force shard and has the fist of Emirikol RPGA Player Reward item at the table, the player's hero may use the wild Force shard once per adventure. Retrieving it and touching it is a move action; activating it is a combat action that does not draw an attack of opportunity.

The effects are summarized below. The sigil effect list of the fist of Emirikol gives a d20 number that goes along with each symbol on the die face. Alternatively, as long as the player has the Fist at the table, the GM may roll a d20 instead. If the player has the Fist, the player may roll it without crushing all the miniatures -- after all is is the big plastic die o’ doom.

If the player has a cert but not the fist, the player may, once per adventure, add +1 to the effect of a Force Point die roll, after seeing what the die result is. This effect may also be chosen instead of rolling the fist. Choosing this option requires retrieving and touching the shard but does not involve activation as per the wild effects above.

Under no circumstances may any hero trigger a wild Force shard more than once per adventure. Different players who have the shards may each have their hero use their own shard once per adventure. To make the d20 roll, each must have his or her own fist. Any character possessing two or more wild Force shards will find that their force emanations cancel each other out in such proximity; none of them will function at all until the hero gets rid of all but one wild Force shard.

Jedi should note that the shard is not aligned towards either the light or dark side: it simply resonates with the Force. It is neither good nor evil.



1: Shard resonates with the dark side amplifying fear, aggression and doubt. For the duration of the adventure, it requires the expenditure of two Force Points to generate the effect of one-- unless the hero calls upon the dark side. If the hero does call upon the dark side, it takes the usual one Force Point and the dice have maximum effect, as if 6s were rolled. However, the hero gets two Dark Side Points for calling on the dark side (four Dark Side Points if the hero has the cert, "Focused on the Light"). Tempting, the dark side is, and an easy road to power...

2: Dark side effects are at -2 DC to affect the hero, and any hero saves to resist the effects are at +2 DC for this encounter, as the shard is leaving him or her open to the dark side. These effects make it easier to get the dark side to affect the hero and harder for the hero to resist.

3: Shard emanations disturb the hero's focus: distraction imposes a -2 modifier to any Intelligence-, Wisdom-, or Charisma-based skill attempts to the end of the encounter.

4: Shard channels the dark side and fatigues the hero, draining him or her of 10 vitality. This cannot take the hero into wounds, but can leave the hero at 0 vitality. This vitality loss is recovered as normal and can be healed with the usual skills and effects.

5: Shard channels the dark side and surrounds the hero with a stench that effectively reduces all social interaction skill attempts by 10, for the next 10 game minutes. This is actually a negative mental aura that cuts across cultural differences: everyone hates it.

6: Shard emanations dull hero's senses: -2 circumstance modifier to Spot, Listen, Search and Initiative for the duration of the encounter.

7: Warp in the Flow: the shard sets up a Force-dampening field that prevents the shard from functioning for the rest of the adventure. Any other wild Force shards within 50 meters will now not function for the duration of the encounter, if they have not yet been used. Heroes and others can call upon the Force as normal; it is only the shard(s) that do not work.

8: Show the list to the GM. He or she will pick one effect, from #1 to #12, that he or she feels will work best with the story line. This can simply be effect #7, if the GM wishes.


9: Move Object (effect as if a skill result of 20 was rolled) on the nearest small object (less than 5 kg), towards the hero who triggers this effect.

10: The hero is surrounded in a glow of golden light, making it very hard to hide. However, the glow gives a +2 to Charisma and therefore a +1 to all Charisma-related skill tests, for the duration, which is ten game minutes.

11: An ion field is generated around the hero. Any droids or powered electronics, which come within 2 meters of the hero, have a 50% chance of malfunctioning or going inactive. This effect lasts for ten game minutes. There is a detectable smell of ozone around the hero. This does not include opponents’ weapons, but does include computers, starship control consoles, etc. For the duration of the effect, the hero will be unable to get any powered weapon to work, but nothing on his or her person when the effect occurs will be permanently damaged.

12: The hero has full life support for the duration of the encounter, or the next game hour, whichever is shorter: air, food, drink, and sleep are not needed, and environmental extremes (heat, cold, pressure variances) will not harm the hero. Weapon attacks and severe environmental effects (lava, lightning, hard vacuum, etc.) will still do damage normally. At the end of the duration, the hero is stunned for ten game minutes.


13: Force Defense +2 bonus for duration of this encounter (in other words, +2 to saves vs. any Force effect that allows a save, as if from Force Defense). This stacks with Force Defense, even though it normally would not do so.

14: Shard emanations help hero's focus: +2 circumstance bonus to any Intelligence-, Wisdom- or Charisma-based skill rolls to the end of this encounter.

15: Shard channels the light side and gives +10 vitality for the duration of the encounter. These points may not be regenerated or healed by any means once expended. They can temporarily take the hero's current vitality over the maximum.

16: Shard channels the light side and surrounds the hero with an aura that grants a stacking DR2 for the duration of the encounter. The aura is a pale green light, which extends for 3 cm and is quite visible.

17: Shard emanations heighten hero's senses: +2 circumstance modifier to Spot, Listen, Search and Initiative for the duration of the encounter.

18: Shard focuses the Force and heals/invigorates the hero, increasing wounds by three. If this would take the hero over his or her maximum wounds, the "phantom extra wounds" fade away at the end of the adventure, if the hero has not been reduced to his or her normal maximum wounds by then. Any wound damage taken is subtracted from any "extra" wounds first.

19: Pick any effect from this list, except #20, and apply it to your hero.

20: Shard channels the light side. The next Force Point that the hero uses, to call on the light side, will automatically function at maximum effect (for example, if the hero would normally roll 3d6, count it as if 18 had been rolled). This effect expires at the end of the adventure, or as soon as the hero uses it.

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