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Postby MrFilthyIke » Sun Sep 29, 2002 8:32 pm

Some advice to the people in charge of this foray,
a word of advice from when I ran LARP.

Stick to the SEVEN clans and Caitiff only. You let
the other freaks or Sabbat in, your game will flush
down the proverbial shitter.

Independants and Sabbat = Bloodbath and Mass Combat.

And in LARP nothing's more boring than standing
around jerking it while 30+ people are playing Rock-
Paper-Scissors because someone can't control a frenzy
(iE Sabbat).

This may sound like a rant, and it is. But it comes from
seeing FOUR LARPs dissintegrate due to boredom in

Keep everyone on Humanity, and K.I.S.S..
(Keep It Simple, Stupid)


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