Vampire/WOD Live-Action Events at the Summoning 2005

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Vampire/WOD Live-Action Events at the Summoning 2005

Postby Christ Justice » Wed Aug 10, 2005 6:56 pm

Hello there,

For those of you who enjoy or are interested in Live-Action role-
playing games, I'll be organizing a two-evening event down in Miami
at the Summoning Gaming Convention. The background of the games are
White Wolf's highly popular World of Darkness setting (Vampire: the
Requiem, Werewolf: the Forsaken, Mage: the Awakening) which allow you
to play all-too-human monsters in a contemporary setting.
No books or other tools are required for play, and rules will be
taught on site. Check for more information. Hope
to see you there!


The Summoning 2005
September 8, 9, 10 and 11
@ the Hialeah Howard Johnson
7707 Nw 103 Street
Hialeah, FL 33016
$15/day, preregister at

Fury of the Imminent Kingdom
Part 1 of a 2 round World of Darkness Live-Action Event

It is May 17, 1980. In Miami, the mortal world has gone insane. An
unjust verdict has sparked a race riot in Liberty City that threatens
to spread like wildfire. Long after the sun has set, one can still
see plumes of smoke from clear across the city, rising from the
shells of burned-out cars in the ghetto. The National Guard has
erected road blocks in a belated effort to contain the looting and
Meanwhile, the occult underground of Miami has been rocked by a
series of grisly and highly ritualized murders. Many think that some
shadowy force is taking advantage of the chaos caused the riot in
order to eradicate Miami's supernatural denizens. Others believe that
the riot itself is feeding a greater evil that threatens to overwhelm
mortals, shapechangers and undead alike.

Despite the threats arrayed against them, the Kindred of Miami
are as fractious as ever. As his power over the city begins to slip
from his fingers, Prefect Orazio Cimino tries to preserve the gains
of the Carthian movement against the growing influence of his enemies
in the Invictus. In a desperate gamble to stabilize the situation,
the Prefect has decided to call an emergency meeting of Miami's
Kindred to discuss their options. He has also invited a contingent of
Miami's werewolves. Perhaps he believes their presence will keep the
undead from turning on each other...

A terrible thing has happened in the Spirit World. While the anger
of hundreds of mortals in Liberty City drew malignant spirits in
droves, none of them were powerful enough to prove more than a
nuisance. The Uratha played their role, hunting them down and
harvesting their essences. But then an unknown force punched a hole
in the Gauntlet and brought something across. Something that sparked
the riot and slaughtered a whole pack of werewolves, the Harvester's
Cure. Something that the Uratha as a whole have reason to fear.
And something that can strike fear into the heart of a werewolf
cannot bode well for the rest of Miami.

Inheritance of Ruins
Part 2 of a 2 round World of Darkness Live-Action Event

September 10, 2005. Over twenty-five years have passed since the
Spirit World opened up and spewed its poisoned hate into the physical
world. A generation has gone by since the world went mad and the
vampires of Miami were at each other's throats. The power structure
imposed on that night in May 1980 has stood the test of time. The
peace has held and conflicts between the movers and shakers of the
occult underground have been restricted to limited skirmishes and the
occasional assassination. Now, all of that will change.
Twenty-five years has healed many of the old wounds between the
ethnic groups of Miami. The vampires of 2005 care more about what
their leaders can offer them, and less about where their family was
born. But there are some wounds which only scabbed over, and deep
beneath the surface of the Kindred community, a noxious new creed is
spreading like an infection. Even if the vampires eventually
recognize the threat for what it is, it may be too little, too late.
A generation has passed for the werewolves as well, a period
marked by a succession of bitter defeats in their war against the
Pure Tribes. Disorganized and broken in spirit for so many years, now
a major victory has given back a territory lost long ago to the
Tribes of the Moon. The Uratha have decided to hold a gathering to
celebrate and divide the spoils of war. They have chosen for the site
of their gathering an old battlefield from twenty-five years ago and
have invited their allies in that battle, the Kindred of Miami, to
celebrate with them. Perhaps this evening will result in a new
Twenty-five years have passed. A human generation. Long enough
for a bitter and angry child to come into its birthright…

In addition to the massive Live-Action events described
above, the Summoning will feature other White Wolf games (Including
Vampire: the Requiem, Werewolf: the Forsaken and the new Mage: the
Awakening), a series of RPGA D&D games (Living Greyhawk, Living
Arcanis, Blackmoor, Legend of the Shining Jewel and Living Force),
and card game tournaments (Magic: the Gathering).

For more information, or to preregister for the convention,
please log in to Reserve your event
tickets today!
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