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Dark Ages Vampire Larp University of Miami

Postby Coglistro » Mon Sep 01, 2003 7:06 pm

Just wanted to inform all of you that I will be starting a Dark Ages larp that will run biweekly on Fridays starting Friday September 5, 2003. The game will be set using the Iberia by Night concept and the time period will be 1220(beginning of the Reconquista) up till 1492 (Age of Exploration). All initial characters will be pre-generated however, I will allow for clan choice from the players. Since the game will be biweekly every week will count as a year of time. So it will involve players to send me emails detailing what they will be doing in the year since this is a period before mass information and good travel it is feasible to have plots taken this long to come to fruition.

House Rules and Plot Motivations

The rule book we will be using is the revised Dark Ages LARP book entitled “Faith and Fire” ( You will not be required to purchase this book to play however, if you do wish to buy a copy you can get it at Sunshine Role-players on Bird Rd. and 79th right across from Tropical Park).
All character will be linked in some way to each other be it a sire to childe relationship or by Domain or Coterie.
Initially since characters are pre-generated character creation rules will not apply, however if a character does die, players will be asked to make a basic character using the “Faith and Fire” rules however with some modifications when it comes to abilities and background spending and generation will be determined by storyteller approval.
With new character that are not pre-generated I will require a one page background and justification of why your character should be approved based on how it can contribute to the overall plot.
Abilities, Influence and Backgrounds will be central to the game. Since the period will be based on the history of Iberia during the Reconquista and the consolidation of the Kingdoms of Castile and Aragon it will be a very good balance between social and physical plot motivations.
Please I must stress that due to the Chronicle some characters have the possibility of spanning the entire length of the Chronicle and some do not. However, nothing is set in stone. If player initiated plots lead to a character to survive then so be it, it will just show the greatness of the period and of your role-playing ability.

XP will be 2 per session of game play; 1 extra xp for emails or posting on new website.

Clans Represented within Iberia By Night will be the following the number beside the Clan will be the number I wish to have for the Chronicle:

Assamite : 3 ( Warrior, Vizier, Sorcerer(Female Character)

Lasombra: 4

Malkavian: 1

Cappadocian: 2

Nosferatu : 2

Ventrue: 1

Toreador: 4

Tremere: 2

Gangrel : 1 (Country)

Setite: 2

Brujah: 4

Please try to email me your clan preference by this weekend if you intend to play on Friday September 5th

If you need more information by all means please feel free to contact me by email jreyeros@miami.edu

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