Delta Airlines SUCKS!!!

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Delta Airlines SUCKS!!!

Postby ScrollMasterRob » Mon Jul 19, 2010 7:37 pm

My mom worked for Delta for many years-computer trouble-shooter. (Yes, both parents are great with computers and I absolutely hate the damned things). Anyway, she occaisionally booked me cheap stand-by flights -I have a "Delta Airlines Flight Pass Card" with my name, number, etc. When I tried to book myself a flight using their automated system (Fri July 16), it took me an HOUR to get a hold of a real person, and that person would not help me-I needed my mom's password information, and even after explaining that she has had a MASSIVE STROKE, still received no help. Even after taliking to 2 different supervisors (about another hour of waiting), once again, no help.

I was doing all of this while in the office at work. The boss (actually the boss' wife) saved my bacon and bought me a ticket. My name was listed as the passenger on the printout I got from work. When I went to the airport (Ft. Lauderdale) to get my boarding pass, the pass came out in her name. I waited in line, explained about the ticket mix-up, explained about my mom's condition, and ONCE AGAIN received NO HELP and NO SYMPATHY, although they could get me on another flight for either $400 or $800-one way. I nearly blew my stack!!! I talked to three supervisors, and I PROMISSED I would go to the press and make sure I raised such a STINK that this story would make NATIONAL NEWS. At least my boss was able to get a complete refund.

I will never complain about my boss again. They booked a flight for me on AirTran(down in Miami), met me at MIA, paid my taxi fare from FTL to MIA, had my boarding pass ready for me, and arranged for me to get my vacation pay early to cover the week or so I will be up here. This is when working for 15 years at the job pays off.

I have the CEO of Delta Airlines office address. I intend to mail him a SCATHING LETTER describing my ordeal, including the names of those who either refused or simply would not help me. I will return their useless flight pass card with said letter.
I intend to contact the Union my mom belonged to and inform them of my situation as well. Delta Airlines is about to learn the meaning of CUSTOMER SERVICE, providing that Delta Airlines survives the shit-storm of bad publicity.
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Re: Delta Airlines SUCKS!!!

Postby Dwraith » Tue Jul 20, 2010 11:31 am

Give them HELL BRO!!!
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