Big Goverment FTL.. heathcare

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Big Goverment FTL.. heathcare

Postby Peewee » Fri Mar 13, 2009 11:40 am


Has anyone been reading about the sh*t NYC is pulling on Dr. John Muney? the guy who is offering a $79 per month flat fee for unlimited visits to his offices for the uninsured?

Now, because the goverment is getting involved and making things better, his cliants have to also pay an additional $33.00 if they need anyting other then a check up.. which was included in the original flat fee!!!

Ya, goverment fixes all....

BTW... dems want a new stim package hu... who would have seen that commiong from "Tax and Spend" democrats (oh wait that was the "tried politics of the past")

Man I wish there was a way to kick them all out and just start over.. this time with out the two party system, G.Washingtoin was right about them...
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