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I really like Roleplaying
I really like Roleplaying
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Postby teknoblade » Thu Apr 07, 2016 12:10 pm

1. Alien craft has crashed into New York City, but the Avengers are able to help divert the path to the nearby desert.

2. Avenger quell alien rampage, but at a great loss as the team and the world mourn the loss of the first hero Captain America.

3. Avenger mansion placed on permanent isolation due to unknown viral contamination. Thor and Ironman, only remaining uncontaminated members urge that the mansion be sealed till they are able to isolate the pathogens and develop a cure.

4. Metahuman gene identified to posses natural resistance to infection and the CDC issues a request for the meta-human registration act. The Act is ratified by over 90% with the hopes of finding a meta-human that could contain the cure.

5. Fantastic Four extends offer of aid and assistance to nation. X Island declares itself and independent nation and offers asylum to all metahumans and humans alike.

6. The dead are walking in NY, marshal law instated and the National Guard is mobilized.

7. Virus spreads as the Sentinels and Guardians seem to be only force capable of containing spread throughout US. Sentinel programming amended to reproduce/replicate, destroy all undead, and protect all living creatures.

8. Strange impregnable field surrounds planet in a matter of seconds preventing all living organisms from breaking free of earths high orbit. Witnesses claim to hear a man pleading for their forgiveness as if with his last breath.

9. Stark Tower is placed on automated lockdown as Tony Stark passes away. Friday institutes the “House Party Protocol” and all remaining armors and building defenses are tasked with protecting all humans from harm. They are joined by all remaining Sentinels, which have created one of the few safe havens for the living on the planet.

10. Fantastic Four tower vanishes along with 50% of the remaining population and several blocks of NYC.

11. International Space Stations records images of WWIII as several low orbit nuclear detonations send the world into a new dark age. Images recorded show isolated areas that may have survived the electromagnetic pulses.

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