Chronicles of the Shattered Empires, Miami Game Day!!!!!!!!!

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Chronicles of the Shattered Empires, Miami Game Day!!!!!!!!!

Postby Peewee » Mon Aug 02, 2010 3:58 pm

Attention World!!!

Chronicles of the Shattered Empire game day!!

The new Book, Action Dials, and maybe (if we have any left after GenCon) Shirts for sale on site!

Sept 11th, 2010

Character Creation & Rules Demos: 8:30am to 11:30am
Game on: 12:00pm to 12:00am

Holiday Inn Hotel Coral Gables.. across from UM
1350 South Dixie Highway
Coral Gables, FL 33146
(305) 667-5611

Door Fee:
$ 10.00

Can't make it for character generation? Pre-Generated Characters will be available, you can recreate your character after your first game..

This is a three round event, we will have...

Year 1, HP-1 Desperate Measures

"Our hearts must be pure; our actions unblemished - only then may our noble purpose find the grace of the Gods" - Primus Sabinus val'Assante', spiritual head of the Milandic Church addressing the first Calling of the 6th Crusade of Light.

The 6th Crusade of Light has been Called by noble King Osric IV of Milandir as rumblings from the infernal hordes have the entirety of the Hinterlands in a panic. But before they may test their courage against fetid demons, the heroes must uncover a plot just as foul in the staging township of Mil Takara, if they have any hope in preserving the honor of Milandir and the purity of the Crusade itself!

Year 1, HP-2 Desperate Times

Having discovered and defeated the person responsible for the bloody murder in the rebuilding Mil Takara, the Heroes are beginning to learn that there may be more to this than a simple "madman" on a rampage. 'Everything Wicked May Come From Canceri' as the saying goes, but something very foul is brewing here in the Milandisian staging grounds for the Crusade.

Year 1, SP-2 Dry Rain

The hamlet of Ashvan, troubled by the nearby Canceri border, is now suffering a punishing drought. The grain merchants are concerned, the val'Holryn are worried, and the Mother Church fanatics are gloating over the punishments of Saluwé.

Chronicles of the Shattered Empires is the inheritor of Living Arcanis, one of the largest and longest running interactive role-playing campaigns with a world-wide player base. Set in Arcanis: the World of Shattered Empires, Chronicles of the Shattered Empires challenges the role-playing, problem-solving, and tactical skills of RPG gamers in ways that other campaigns do not. Truly interactive, Chronicles of the Shattered Empires features a detailed continuity of story unmatched by other campaigns of its type. This story-first emphasis empowers players to guide future plot developments in a manner more akin to home campaigns.

Legends are born each day, play Chronicles of the Shattered Empires and leave your mark upon Arcanis!
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