BlackSun LG July08 - 7/26/2008

Stop in and find out where local game days are being held. Please ask the moderator for assistance if you need help.
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BlackSun LG July08 - 7/26/2008

Postby MorganWolf » Thu Jul 24, 2008 3:10 am

7921 Bird Road
Miami, Florida #44 33155
(305) 264-1250
START TIME --11:00AM -- July 26 * Saturday


COR8-06 Entrapment
Old Wicked has set in motion a plot years in the making and two of the most powerful wizards on Oerth, once allies, seem to stand on different sides. You must choose between them; pray that you make the correct choice.
Part two of "Ascension" the final core plot arc for the Living Greyhawk campaign and the conclusion of "The Idyll of Tysiln", a Sheldomar Valley plot arc. A two-round core adventure of investigation, danger, and wheels within wheels, set in the City of Greyhawk, the Valley of the Mage, and realms beyond for characters levels 5-15 (APLs 8-16).

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