BlackSun LG October07 - 10/13/2007

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BlackSun LG October07 - 10/13/2007

Postby MorganWolf » Thu Sep 13, 2007 4:36 pm

7921 Bird Road
Miami, Florida #44 33155
(305) 264-1250
START TIME --11:00AM -- OCTOBER 13 * Saturday
META-ORG SIGN-UPS FOR Army,Bards Guild, Mine Rangers,Temple and The NEW Meta-Org's** ROYAL NAVY, Keeper's of the Soul Forge & The WEB(non-existant Org :wink: )...etc...etc will be available-along with Rank increase, sign-up before it's too late!!!!

CORS7-02 Rise of the Spider Queen CORE SPECIAL from Origins!!!
Sterich is once more in need of heroes to stand between it and the rising tide of darkness. Humanoid and giant raids boiling out of the Crystalmist Mountains are again increasing in frequency and boldness. Rumors swirling thickly through Istivin’s shadowed streets speak of the malevolent Spider Queen and her resurgent interest in the sunlit lands of the Flanaess.
This adventure is divided into low (APLs 2-8 ) and high (APLs 10-14) levels of play; a player may only play one of them. A one-round Core Special Living Greyhawk adventure for characters levels 1-15 (APLs 2-14).

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