BlackSun LG June07b ****JUNE 23 * Saturday*11:00AM

Stop in and find out where local game days are being held. Please ask the moderator for assistance if you need help.
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BlackSun LG June07b ****JUNE 23 * Saturday*11:00AM

Postby MorganWolf » Sun Jun 10, 2007 12:59 am

7921 Bird Road
Miami, Florida #44 33155
(305) 264-1250
START TIME --11:00AM -- JUNE 23 * Saturday

META-ORG SIGN-UPS FOR Army,Bards Guild, Mine Rangers,Temple and The NEW Meta-Org's** ROYAL NAVY, Keeper's of the Soul Forge & The WEB(non-existant Org :wink: )...etc...etc will be available-along with Rank increase, sign-up before it's too late!!!!

COR7-08 Sins of the Father
Thirty years ago, the churches of Pelor, Pholtus, and St. Cuthbert sentenced a man to execution for his crimes. Now, another trial is convened. Fate has determined that the outcome is in your hands. A one-round Core adventure set in the Domain of Greyhawk for characters levels 1-11 (APLs 2-8 ).


Episode 43: Look to the Hills
by Tim Barth
For years the dragons from the Dragon Hills have raided into Dragonia. Now, the attacks have gotten worse and a dwarven trade caravan has gone missing. Peshwah na Shepro asks for your help.
A one round Dave Arneson’s Blackmoor episode for PCs levels 2 to 8

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