BlackSun LG May07 - 5/12/2007

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BlackSun LG May07 - 5/12/2007

Postby MorganWolf » Mon May 07, 2007 11:50 pm

7921 Bird Road
Miami, Florida #44 33155
(305) 264-1250
START TIME --11:00AM -- MAY 12 Saturday

META-ORG SIGN-UPS FOR Army,Bards Guild, Mine Rangers,Temple and The NEW Meta-Org's** ROYAL NAVY, Keeper's of the Soul Forge & The WEB(non-existant Org :wink: )...etc...etc will be available-along with Rank increase, sign-up before it's too late!!!!

ULP7-03 Against the Dying of the Light
By René Alfonso
In a moment of weakness, his life would change forever. Cast out by both god and country, he has labored under the burden of his guilt, haunted by the innocent blood that stains his hands. What will be the cost to pay for his redemption and will he walk the dark path to penance alone?.
A Principality of Ulek regional adventure for APLs 6-12 (LEVELS 4 TO 14).
Note: This adventure will be of special interest to PCs who have played “ Legacy of Blood “ or those PCs with a religious inclination, particularly worshippers of Lydia.

COR7-06 Drowning by Numbers
In the Ahlissan town of Jalpa, a young noblemwoman needs your help. Her betrothed is missing. Her friends are ... indisposed. And whatever is happening, someone (or something) seems intent on making a song and dance about it. A one-round Core adventure set in the United Kingdom of Ahlissa for characters levels 8-15 (APLs 10-16).

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