WotC announces plans for 4e SRD and OGL

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WotC announces plans for 4e SRD and OGL

Postby Warduke » Tue Jan 08, 2008 3:09 pm

From here:


[quote]WotC announces plans for 4e SRD and OGL

On January 7th, Wizards of the Coast held a courtesy call with the 3rd party publishers who had expressed close interest in gaining advance access to the 4e rules.

Attending the call were:
  • Adamant Entertainment
  • EN Publishing
  • Expeditious Retreat Press
  • Fantasy Flight Games
  • Goodman Games
  • Green Ronin Publishing
  • Mongoose Publishing
  • Necromancer Games
  • Paizo Publishing
  • Paradigm Concepts (*)
  • Privateer Press
On the line for WotC were Scott Rouse, Linae Foster (Licensing Manager), Andy Collins, Bill Slavicsek, and Chris Perkins.

Their formal announcement can be found here, but here's what we learned from the call.

4e publisher support will be released in two phases.

Phase One is for publishers who want access to the 4e rules early. Taking a lesson from software publishers, WotC will be making available an OGL Designers Kit. This gives early access to rules and is offered to any publisher, not just the ones on the conference call. Access to the kit requires a legitimate business license, a signed NDA, and a one-time $5000 fee.

This kit will be available within a matter of weeks, as soon as several legal logistics are complete. It provides three hardcopy pre-publication versions of the three core rule books, copies of the OGL and SRD, and a FAQ. Publishers will continue to receive updates to these rules as changes are made, one in the beginning of February and possibly one in March. Publishers will also receive advance copies of the final rule books. Importantly, publishers who purchase the kit may begin selling product on August 1, 2008 – earlier than other publishers.

Phase Two is free and begins on June 6th, when the OGL goes live. Any publisher can then produce D&D supplements under the OGL, but these cannot be published until January 1, 2009.

Effectively, this means that publishers who pony up the $5000 fee get four months of advance production time for their products, can sell their products at GenCon and Christmas without a whole lot of competition, and have a five month grace period when theirs are the only 4e products available. Publishers who choose not to pay the fee will enter the market at a later date.

I took notes during the Question and Answer portion of the call, and the following Q&A comes from my notes. In some cases the information is paraphrased instead of an exact quote.

1. What's the current status of the core rules?

The Players Handbook heads to typesetting on Wednesday. The Monster Manual heads off at the end of January, and the Dungeon Masters Guide in the middle of February. Additional changes and corrections will continue to be made in the galley through the end of March, but the rules are largely complete. Lots of playtester feedback, both internal and external, has been incorporated.

2. Tell us about the 4e OGL and SRD.

The 4e OGL will contain some aspects of the old d20 license, and is more restrictive in some areas than the prior Open Gaming License. We are tying the OGL more closely to D&D. There is a free registration process, a community standards clause, enforceability clauses, and no expiration date. Phase One publishers who sign a NDA will have the opportunity to read the OGL before they pay the $5000 early licensing fee.

The 4th edition SRD will be much more of a reference document than the 3e SRD. The current edition contains almost all of the rules and allows “copy and pasteâ€

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Postby Needles » Tue Jan 08, 2008 5:10 pm

Arcanis, playtesting, say it aint so.
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Postby Warduke » Tue Jan 08, 2008 6:19 pm

No clue, myself. I just thought I'd go ahead and volunteer for anything that would get me a look at the 4E rules. :)

Anyway, from here...

4E - Necro is IN! Planned Products

WotC just had a conference call with the publishers yesterday and have posted their OGL and SRD plans on their site today, as most of you know. I wanted to let everyone know that Necromancer Games is IN! in conjunction with Paizo. We will have products for GenCon or shortly thereafter.

Products include:

1. Tome of Horrors 4E: if WotC leaves monsters out of the offial rules, we will put them back in (cant say which ones cause we dont have the rules yet). Plus all the classics from the original Tome that you want in your 4E game will be back.

2. Advanced Player's Guide: To be designed in part by industry insider Ari Marmell, if they left classes and races out, we put them back in (Of course, we can't say if bards or druids or barbarians or gnomes or half-orc are or arent in 4th edition, but we know some stuff has been cut, and whatever is missing we will create for you with work by respected designer Ari Marmell.)

3. Tegel Manor. A 4E version of the 1E Judges Guild classic.

4. Winter's Tomb. A free, downloadable PDF along the lines of Wizard's Amulet, Necro's Ennie-winning introductory adventure, that will help jump start your 4E campaign.

Winter's Tomb will be available at the first day 4E products can be released. Tome 4E should be available at GenCon with the Advanced Player's Guide. Tegel is also targeted for GenCon. Dates could slip pending WotC's delivery of the design kits.

We have been planning this stuff for months, privately.

You trusted us to help put the 1E back into 3E, now we are doing the same for 4E!

Viva Necro!
Clark Peterson
Necromancer Games

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Postby Dwraith » Tue Jan 08, 2008 6:27 pm

i will to help out in playtest for both blackmoor and Arcanis...
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Postby Peewee » Tue Jan 08, 2008 10:21 pm

Needles wrote:Arcanis, playtesting, say it aint so.

::Evil Smirk::

I was in on that call...

I will tell you all more in person once I have a chance to tlk to the guys
Peter B
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Re: WotC announces plans for 4e SRD and OGL

Postby teknoblade » Thu Feb 28, 2008 2:30 pm

I look forward to playtesting 4th edition but will continue to stand by my previous choice not to buy the books.. I will tell you that from my talks with Arcanis staff the suggested changes to the rules are very streamlined and sensible.

Jose-Manuel Gonzalez
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