Dawn of the New War, Classic Marvel

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I really like Roleplaying
I really like Roleplaying
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Dawn of the New War, Classic Marvel

Postby teknoblade » Thu Mar 05, 2009 2:43 am

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In the wake of the Civil War the United States and the institution of the 50 States Initiative, enveloping itself in corrupted agendas and segregating itself from once powerful allies. Two great powers, the Kree and Scrulls, once again entwined in a Great War have seen Earth as a foothold in the galaxy. Standing in the way are the Inhumans, Atlantis, Wakanda, Canada, and the other great powers of the Earth within the United States and it's one time Allied Nations (superhumans, mutants, and metahumans, and the sentinals/techs). An unlikely alliance, bluring the line between good and evil, has begun to challenge the powers and form a new union to purge the occupation of Earth.

This campaign will run once a week and also have updates online. It will use stats from anglefire.com and I will consider players interested in running all new hero as long as they generate a history prior to starting the campaign. Table fills with 6 players, though may consider a 7th but no more. Roleplaying will be key as this is a state of war and you really dont know who is what they appear to be.


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