Looking For Expirenced Players/DMs in Lancaster Ohio(D&D

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Looking For Expirenced Players/DMs in Lancaster Ohio(D&D

Postby Link43130 » Tue Aug 23, 2005 4:32 am

As the topic title states, me and my group are looking for expirenced players, and hopefully a DM, to play with. It's 3.5 D&D, because we're new, started in Janurary, didn't start playing until May, and we want to learn to play better.

Currently, I'm the DM for the group, and since I suck at running things, it's been a mess. This is why I really hope we can find an expirenced DM, but we would love some expirenced players as well. We are playing the Forgotten Realsm setting, but we don't need to, if any DMs interested want to change.

Our current group is comprised of four people, and we're still in High School. (Juniors and a Senior) The only books in the group are the PHB, the DMG, a damaged MM, a MM2, the Forgotten Realms setting book, and the Players Guide to Faerun. Of this, I own one of the PHB's, the DMG, the damaged MM, and the Forgotten Realms setting.

If interested, contact me at mikegibsonthedm@hotmail.com or just reply here. Thanks!

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