What is everyone playing?

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What is everyone playing?

Postby chainsaw_derelct » Mon Mar 28, 2005 11:54 am

So the question is, what is everyone playing lately? What RPGs are people playing, outside of Living Crack? Just wondering what everyone plays on the message board in a regular group. Also are there any regular groups on the message board that don't play "Living Crack" style games?

Anyone interested in potentially asking at the new Outland Station to form a regular Saturday gaming group? I'm willing to run something, and open to suggestions, so long has I have players.
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Regular Game

Postby Christ Justice » Mon Mar 28, 2005 6:50 pm

Playing a weekly d20 Dragonlance game and am about to start running a Ravenloft game. My group has five players and we tend to alternate GMs about every 2-3 months so everyone has a chance to play. One of the guys just picked up the new Werewolf: The Forsaken rules and I'm trying to convince the group to give it a whirl sometime this summer (Half of them have never played anything but D&D before).
What I would recommend Rainier is either showing up for the Living *Fill in the Blank* gamedays if you just HAVE to play, or searching online for a group (There are a number of gamer registeries out there, such as the ones on the WotC or White Wolf sites). Not sure if you want to go looking for people at a Living game to join a regular group, since it seems like the people that play the Living games either do not enjoy or cannot commit to regular games.
Alternately, you could look for gaming stores that have a bulletin board available and collect information off that. There were some people who posted here, in this very section, who were looking for games at one time; have you emailed them, to see if they're still looking for a game?
All you really need is a good meeting place, a regular day (or night), and about 3-5 players (4 is best, imho) besides yourself, and you're in business. If you find someone who can provide the gaming space, just settle on which day is best for them as your host, and stick to that. Let everyone else either make time or go look elsewhere for a game, otherwise they'll string you along.
Don't expect or plan for the perfect game the first month or so, just try to get a feel for the people you're playing with. Be patient, try to work through any differences you might have; as long as you've got a cool host as a player/DM, you should be cool, even if you eventually have to get rid of one of the other guys. I'm not going to pretend; sometimes you come across people who are impossible to get along with and who can really ruin the fun for everyone else. The important thing here is to be fair to everyone, both the troublemaker AND his fellow players. Either the DM or the host should point out the problem behavior and, if the person in question can't or won't mend his ways, ask him to leave.
Anyway, hope that helps...
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Postby Kyle81 » Mon Apr 11, 2005 8:41 am

I host a regular group on Friday nights at my house in Pembroke Pines.... we got six players, lot of fun.

We play a whole lot of everything right now.... bunch of various players all with knowledge and access to many types of game systems.

We were currently playing a BESM campaign but that has been dropped due mainly to us getting sick of how abusive and broke the BESM system is.

We are now going to be starting up a Mutans and Masterminds campaign. We basically play anything though, likely we will be going into a unknown armies campaign as well in the near future.

Not one person in our group plays in any of the living games and we don't really care for the whole living system, we all prefer the casual home games.

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Postby itit01 » Thu Apr 14, 2005 10:16 am

I host a greyhawk/faruen game at my place on monday nights ...Im also play in a greyhawk game on sundays and a greyhawk/swords and sorcery game on weds

oh ya and the ocasional LG/LA/LF.......(even thought I haven't played LF in over a year I think)
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