Cthulhu Live on March 13

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Cthulhu Live on March 13

Postby Christ Justice » Fri Mar 05, 2004 1:47 pm

I'll be running a Cthulhu Live game on March 13th at my pad in Hialeah.
This is a "one-shot", not a continuous game, so we're going all-out on the props.
We still have some slots open for the minor characters, so if you're interested in playing, please drop me an email at JdFennell1@aol.com in the next week or so. Once I hear from you, I can send you directions to the house, cast you, and send you your characters so you can prepare.
Here's some info on the scenario...

Magna of Illusion

Setting: Cornwall, 1919
Dramatis Personae
Captain Louis Del Rio.......A very old man, former adventurer and ship's captain
Xolotl.............................Del Rio's mute servant
Douglas Brentwood.........Retired Colonel, Master of the Four Winds Farm
Susan Brentwood............Brentwood's daughter, granddaughter of Del Rio
Chad Brentwood.............Brentwood's son, grandson of Del Rio
Dr. Reginald Parks..........Physician, Susan's fiance
Dr. Christian Matzke........Psychiatrist from the University of Vienna
Sheldon Moody................Butler for the Brentwood household
Melody Smith...................Maid for the Brentwood household
Marcus Allerbee...............Brentwood's Solicitor

(Player's Introduction)
Captain Louis Del Rio, long absent and presumed dead, has unexpectedly returned to his Cornwall estate. An eccentric American sea-captain, Del Rio fled the destruction of his Louisiana plantation by Grant's army and made his way to England in 1863. He purchased coastal property in Cornwall and built a splendid house for his young wife and infact daughter. Del Rio lived with his family at Four Winds for less than two years before returning to life at sea. He was away for months or years at a time, returning unannounced and leaving again just as unexpectedly. Del Rio's wife Josephine died in a riding accident in 1874. A governess took over the rearing and education of his daughter, Camilla.
Del Rio was home long enough to give his blessing to the marriage of Camilla and Douglas Brentwood in 1889. He returned several times during the next years as Camilla gave birth to Susan, and later to Chad. Del Rio last appearance was at Susan's 4th birthday party in 1893. The Captain departed again the next evening, and has not been seen in 26 years. He was presumed dead. Douglas Brentwood assumed full possession of Four Winds and Del Rio's financial estate after Camilla was lost at sea, swimming during a storm in 1913.
Now Del Rio has returned, a dying old man, at least 90 years of age, accompanied by a strange, mute, South American servant. Susan telegraphed her fiance, Reginald Parks, in London to return immediately to the estate. She asked him to join the family at Four Winds and see what can be done to comfort the old man.

Hope to see you there.

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