Looking for some players again!

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Looking for some players again!

Postby Kyle81 » Tue Jan 13, 2004 12:01 pm

Well its hard to find dependable people but theres a group of us right now that are looking for a couple extra players to join our games. Got about 3-4 people right now but willing to take on at least 3 more people.

Contact me at aromabargains@yahoo.com or AIM me at Kyle41181

Our game group that runs rpg's on Friday nights. We neet around 7pm and play to early in the morning about 2-3 am.

Games are run in my house, got 4 people right now and my Fiance might be joining up with us as well. Always looking for more players to join in.

We are constantly moving from game to game and switch between GM's. Games we play are: Vampire, Hunter, Deadlands, D&D 3rd, Mutant Chronicles, Unknown Armies, Big Eyes Small Mouth, Star Wars (D6), and we all have a collection of other games we could run. I might be adding the Zombie game Flesh must be eaten as well possibly.

We are in Broward county, my house is close to the Pembroke Lakes mall. If interested mail me at aromabargains@yahoo.com

We are not power gamers who live in dank dungeons and need baths, we are a bunch of casual folk who like to goof around and are very casual with our gaming. We like to have fun.

Nice quite environment, enjoy it much more than noisy game stores.

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