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Looking for a GM? Looking for gamers? Find em in here! For home games only!

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Postby AMAcosta » Mon Feb 25, 2002 12:27 pm

Hi myself and 2 other experienced players are looking for a GM in 3rd edition DnD. We have experience and are looking for an oppurtunity. If you are in Dade or broward county we would like to play 2 fridays a month. We are willing to discuss the situation as needed. Email me at Gqready2go@aol.com.



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Postby Halforc » Mon Feb 25, 2002 10:16 pm

Hi Alex-

I might be interested. I was hoping that you might comprimise and change one of those Fridays to a weeknight.

Please give me a call. I already posted the following information.

I am a great DM but also like to play occasionally.

34 year old professional looking for people with excellent social skills and are not social outcasts. If you are not a social goober, intelligent creative and looking for a mature group to play D and D with, them drop me a line. I just moved out here from San Francisco and I'm dying to get something started.

Drop me a line,
305 609 9567


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